Searching for my son after 24 years

July 20, 2021

Dear Pastor,

My name is Lee Burrell and I am from Kingston, Jamaica, presently living in the US state of California. I enjoy reading your column. I have never missed a day. I wonder if you could help me find my son and his mom. I only have limited information regarding their whereabouts.

In 1995, I was in Curacao in the Netherland Antilles, where I met this woman named Valerie. She is from Kingston in Jamaica, and we had a baby who was born in 1997 in Curacao. But because of some difficulties, I had to leave right after my son was born. Since then I lost contact with her. About seven years ago, I heard that she was back in Kingston with my son. I cannot remember her last name. I don't even now my son's name.

The information I got was that she also has two daughters.

She only knows me as Lee, and I guess she also doesn't know my last name. She knows my sister, whose name is Angie. I hope you can help me find my son and Valerie. Any information you can find would be a big help. Thank you. More power to your programme, and God bless you.

Lee Burrell

Dear Lee Burrell,

It seems to me that you and Valerie had more than just a one-night stand, but the both of you were very careless. She does not know your last name and you do not know hers. The relationship was evidently just sexual, and it was unprotected sex. Both of were very careless. You are trying desperately to find your son, and someone has given you information about Valerie. You heard that she has two daughters and the type of work they were doing. Well, how come this person who gave you the information did not tell you anything about Valerie's son? Where is he? I hope that the police officer would see this letter, or someone who knows her will see it and respond. I also hope her other daughter, who worked at a post office, would respond also. I will not wish to condemn you in any way but remind you that the precious thing you carry as a man should not be flashed around or used carelessly, because whatever you do may come back to bite you. But I am here to help you. If I get any communication from anyone about Valerie and her children, and in particular about her son, I will contact you.


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