Dirty old man wanted to sleep with his daughter

July 27, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I do not know whether my girlfriend is speaking the truth. She and I have been together from we were in our late teens. Her father was very strict, even when she was 16 he refused to have a eweet 16 birthday party for her. Her friends were planning the party for her.

I got the shock of my life when she told me that her father said to her that nobody deserved her more than he did because he took care of her all the way; there was nothing that she needed that he did not give to her. After I found out that he has a dirty mind and wanted his own daughter, I tried to protect her from him. I don't like the man at all. He is a dirty old man.

When my girlfriend told her mother that her father was trying to be intimate with her, her mother did not believe, and called her daughter a troublemaker. I know for sure that he did not succeed in having sex with his daughter because I took her virginity, and I am planning to marry her.

Recently, her father said that he got baptised and he asked her to forgive him for the things he said to her.


Dear L.S.,

It is not unusual for some men to tell their daughters that they wish to have sexual intercourse with them because they have taken care of their daughter since the time they were born and seeing them develop. So these men believe that they should be the first persons to have sex with these women.

I am glad that you were able to stand up for your girlfriend and that form of intimacy did not take place between her father and her. She complained to her mother, but her mother did not believe. Sometimes the mothers are so shocked, because they find it impossible to believe that these men would approach their daughters for sex. Let us hope that his conversion is real and that he has truly changed.


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