80-y-o husband can’t keep up

July 23, 2020

Dear Pastor,

My husband is 80 years old. This is his second marriage and my first. My husband is very strong. When I told my pastor that I needed some advice because I was in love with this man, he told me that he did not know what advice to give me because I was much older than him. Anyway, he wished us well, and we had a lovely wedding.

We got married and everything was going well until my husband could not keep up with me. The young people are always turning to me in family life discussions.

I feel happy to share with them, even in areas where my pastor is reluctant to give advice because of his age. My husband has spruced up my life.


Dear G.W.,

There is a woman who calls me on the 'Dear Pastor' show and on many occasions, she has declared that her husband was sexually active up until the age of 88. Nothing prevented them from enjoying a very happy sex life; no illness, nothing.

However, in Jamaica, people believe that when you have reached your senior years, you should give up sex. We should, however, remind ourselves that the Bible teaches that sex is not only for procreation, but also for pleasure.

When a married couple does not have sex, they rob themselves of pleasure.


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