Women must hold their heads high

July 02, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am a woman from Philadelphia, USA. A reputation can get a woman a good husband, a good job, and it gives you an advantage within your job.

If a woman has a reputation of being a 'run around Sue', no good man would want her for keeps. But if she has a good reputation, she is more likely to get a proposal for marriage from a man who is seriously looking for a decent woman to complement him, and one he can feel safe to present to his family and friends.


Dear H.,

No decent man wants to know that the woman he loves and intends to marry, or has married, is a woman who has 'run around' and had affairs with Tom, Dick and Harry.

He could never be proud of this woman and take her out to family gatherings or special occasions outside of the family.

On the other hand, there are women who have been abused by men while they were growing up. These women have made that public and some of these men are being punished.

Because of that, society holds these women in high esteem. Men can marry such women and not be ashamed of them. They were never 'run around' women.


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