My boyfriend is evil

July 01, 2020

Dear Pastor

This is my second time writing you. After my boyfriend slept with our coworker, he had the nerve to continue the relationship with her. She recently posted a picture on her Snapchat with him. This is after the chlamydia, the baby, the infidelity and all that. Pastor, it really cuts me up.

I'm a nice person, but this man, after all I've been through (and I even had to go to therapy and counselling to get over it) decided to come in my life causing the same trauma, as if he wants to send me to rehab.

I contemplated calling the police because I am aware of crimes he committed, but I have tried not to become this bitter, evil person. This is just too much and I hate him so much, to the point that it hurts my heart.

Please help me. I'm available to talk, if you are free; my head is pounding.


Dear M,

I cannot speak intelligently on this matter except to say that I regret hearing that you are very unhappy and you believe that your boyfriend has caused you much hurt.

You have made serious allegations against him, and I believe that you have to do what is right. I do not believe that you will have peace of mind until you deal with this matter legally.

I will be praying for you and hoping that you may make the right decision.


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