Foote inspires teammates

November 11, 2015
From left: (left to right) Keith Wellington, Chairman of the daCosta Cup, Dr Andre McDonald, Chief Eexecutive Officer of Sure Time Medical Centre, Ryan Foote, Jordan's brother, Devon Anderson, Holy Trinity High School head coach and Carlo Redwood, VP Marketing & Products gather around Holy Trinity High School student and player Jordan Foote (seated) who was diagnosed with cancer. Telecommunications firm FLOW along with School Boy Football organising body ISSA have joined hands to provide a donation of $250,000 towards medical expense.The funds were contributed from gate receipts and donations from FLOW employees.

Despite facing life-threatening cancer, 17-year-old Holy Trinity High student Jordan Foote has been an inspiration for his teammates at Holy Trinity High.

Ever since he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, Foote has hardly been at school because the illness requires him to be in and out of hospital quite frequently, but he continues to encourage his teammates who have been hurt by the circumstances that have resulted in his absence.

During the Flow Super Cup semi-finals at Sabina Park on Saturday, tournament sponsors Flow donated $250,000 towards the more than $700,000 he needs for foot surgery.

The money was collected from members of the Flow staff and from gate receipts from the matches.

His coach Devon Anderson noted that despite his ordeal Foote has continued to be a driving force behind his teammates.

"This season has been very emotional for the players. Some of the guys actually break down whenever they go out and realise that Jordan is not there," he said of the team who lost their last match 1-2 to Wolmer's Boys and who play Vauxhall today.

"It's like it's the team that's sick and not Jordan because he tells them 'It's me who is sick. Go out and fight. Go out there and fight for me."

Flow is helping with that fight and Foote was pleasantly surprised by the donation. "It was a surprise. I didn't know anything about it," said the youngster.

Anderson explained that the discovery of the cancer came after Foote got a 'knock' during the semi-finals of what was then called the LIME Cup. The pain continued right through to August this year when tests subsequently revealed what would have been everyone's greatest fear.

Coach Anderson said everyone is grateful for the help Flow has offered.

"It's kind of sad. I don't want to say too much but prayers go out for Jordan."

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