My friends let me get caught cheating

September 25, 2020

Mi say fren a nuh good sumpn and a some a dem make mi and mi babymada mash up.

Mi and mi babymada did good still but she did have a friend who shape like one a di old Coco Cola bottle dem. Mi make up mi mind say if a even when di cow jump over di moon mi haffi get a 'beat' off her.

Mi put in two words and it work quick quick, but mi know mi couldn't carry her go a mi yard. Two a mi fren dem tell mi bout one abandon building whe did in we area and mi decide say a deh so a go be we bedroom that day. Mi beg mi brethren dem fi keep watch cuz di building was close to where mi woman live. Mi left dem out there and in deh a gwan with business.

Mi know at a point in time mi hear mi fren dem out there a talk but about half an hour a mi babymada dat mi see walk in. STAR the way mi frighten, mi a try push di girl tru di window but the fool fool woman wouldn't go. By dis time mi babymada reach to har and start beat her and mi nah lie, the way mi frighten mi drag on mi pants and take whe myself.

When mi go outside, a crowd form and mi see mi brethren dem a laugh. Is a woman go in the building go save the girl from the beating.

Mi think a sumpn mi and mi babymada did a go talk over, but she give me a fine tracing and take we child and leave.

She left mi fi good and within couple months mi see her pregnant. Mi a wonder if she did have a man and just glad fi an excuse to leave.

When mi ask di dawg dem wa gwan, dem say a left dem left go buy weed so mi wa know if one a dem couldn't stay back and gwan watch.

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