‘It’s time to give back’ - Morant Bay High Class of ‘99 stages big fundraiser today

August 05, 2020
Di Ruption
Di Ruption
Morant Bay High School
Morant Bay High School

Dancehall artiste Di Ruption is set to headline a virtual concert today, aimed at raising money for Morant Bay High School. The event is being undertaken by the graduating class of 1999.

The Life Changes deejay, who graduated from the institution in 2012, said he is happy to be part of the venture.

"This show should touch a space in your heart and soul to be a donor. This should help bring more persons together, and bring joy to persons as they contribute," he told THE STAR. "It has always been my pleasure to do shows like these."

The event will also see performances from past students Cee Cee Lane, Alicia, DJ Whitey and Mr Network. DJ Orrette will host the event.

Established in 1961, Morant Bay High School has been making significant contributions to the island's human capital development and is now one of the top performing schools in the country as far as academics are concerned.

Yasheca McCarthy, chairperson of the event's organising committee, said that the Class of '99 felt it important to give back to the instutution.

"Our class of 1999 just rekindled on WhatsApp and through our conversation, we all wanted to get more involved with our school because we felt that Morant Bay High School was such a pivotal part of our growth into the women and men we are today. We just felt it was time for us to give back," McCarthy said.

McCarthy said that the group presented the idea to the school and got the blessing to go ahead with the fundraiser.

Learning tools

"The Class of '99 will donate all proceeds to Morant Bay High School for well-needed learning tools, resources, workshops and programmes that will aid in the growth and development of our future leaders in order for them to succeed during their time at Morant Bay High School and seize all opportunities when they venture into the workforce," she added.

The virtual fundraiser is being held under the theme 'Fostering Change through Collaboration'.

"I think it is key for everyone to get involved, not just past students, but the community on a whole. These are our future leaders, so we think the more things they have to better their learning, the more beneficial it is to their community and Jamaica on a whole," McCarthy said. She hopes that the event will raise at least $1 million.

Persons can contribute to the school's Millennial Chapter GoFundMe page, which will be launched at the fundraiser.

"The page will be ongoing so the goal is once coronavirus is controlled, we are going to be doing local events so everyone can be involved," she said. "I do think it is good for students who are currently at Morant Bay High School to get involved and do things that would raise funds for their school."

Other initiatives being planned by the year group include mentorship, student development and engagement programmes, as well as scholarship funding.

The fundraiser begins at 8 p.m., today, and ends at 10 p.m. St Thomas Events will stream the event live on its Facebook page and at https://www.facebook. com/mbhspsmillennium.chapter.5.

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