Entertainment industry players disappointed with Calabar students

April 03, 2019
Calabar High School
Calabar High School

Past students from the Calabar High attached to the entertainment industry, have condemned the actions of some current students.

Some boys from the institution were recently caught on video chanting derogatory slurs at their rival, Kingston College (KC).

KC won the boys title at the ISSA GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships last Saturday.

Since the video was released, both teachers and students at Calabar have come under heavy fire from the public, with social media users declaring that Calabar 'is not a real school'.

Recording artiste QQ said he was disheartened by the video, which he saw for the first time yesterday.

"I can say without any lack in confidence that this is not what Calabar stands for or represents. As a past student, I know that we definitely hold the bar high. This is the lowest I've ever seen things ... and I do not support the behaviour in any way, shape or form," he said.

Selector Foota Hype shared similar sentiments. "If you think you're doing something good to be disrespectful in that manner, you're not smart because you're disrespecting the brand 'Calabar', you're disrespecting what we stand for, what we have been about over these years."

QQ said that Calabar is known for producing young men who strive for excellence. He is concerned with what has been happening with the students.

A bit worried

"When we say the utmost for the highest (the school motto), this is definitely not what we were talking about. These are school boys acting this way and if they're behaving like this now, I'm a bit worried about what will happen when they leave school and get out there in society," he said.

Lydon 'Kingy' Lettman, manager for artiste D Major (who is also a past student), said that the few offending students must be mindful of others and always remember to respect their feelings.

"The video that I have seen is not a true representation of the school. It does send a wrong signal to the public which no true 'lion' (the Calabar nickname) who helped to build the integrity of the school is proud of," he said.

All three said that if those in authority would be open to the idea of them having a sit down with the boys at the school, they would make time to speak with the young men.

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