Flyght at a ‘Crossroads’

September 21, 2021

Dancehall artiste Flyght has a lot on his mind and he's using his music to help him figure it out.

Fresh off a performance and press tour in the United Kingdom (UK), the deejay is back in the studio to document his current trials on the upcoming EP, Vent Door.

New Wavez Entertainment is behind the project, which includes the title track and Crossroads.

"The situation is a very intense one," Flyght told The STAR.

"You love the people yuh deh around, and then you realise seh yaa hurt the people dem you love indirectly, that's one of the challenges. When you seh crossroads, with certain things weh you haffi fix, sometimes mi cya really say it to my brother or a bag ah different people fi dem understand and help me through it. I think mi haffi tek it to God and pray about it very often. Every day mi read mi Bible and kinda just hold a meditation and let out weh mi a feel inside through dah set a music deh ... Mi a go just mek the music express itself and mek the people know weh we really go through as entertainers, because we have a personal life and fight battles same way."

Despite his adversity, Flyght is grateful to have performed for UK fans for the first time. The tour commenced in mid-August and ran for five weeks, where he performed at big events like YAM Carnival Festival in London alongside Beenie Man, and smaller local events across Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham.

"You feel happy to deh back in front of people, so you're overwhelmed and happy at the same time ... ." he said.

"Even at YAM Fest, mi nuh 'fraid fi perform, but I was a little bit nervy fi see so much crowd. Never in my life I've seen so much people one place, and that kinda show you that music is bigger than what we look at it as in Jamaica. It is an amazing feeling just to get the chance to perform for them and to know that I actually have songs weh people love and have on their playlists...Mi just give God thanks fi the opportunity that mi could a go, 'cause a whole heap of artistes hot a yard and dem a gwaan wid a whole heap a ting, and still nuh get a chance fi fly, so mi grateful."

He also did several radio interviews and hopes to capitalise on more connections when he returns there in October with Laa Lee. Until then, he's looking to release a music video for Gold, a track many people will remember from the 2018 Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall competition, which he won as 'Bluugo'.

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