Quality music is important, says Barrington Levy’s manager - Veteran singer’s classic used in Netflix film

June 30, 2021

Following news that Barrington Levy's 1980s classic, Here I Come, was specially selected for a Netflix film, the importance of making quality music is again being brought to the fore.

Levy was invited to redo his vocals for the movie The Harder They Fall, starring Hollywood A-listers Regina King and Idris Elba. In an interview with THE STAR, Handel Tucker, Levy's manager, said that there's something special about the music artistes like Levy created.

"I mean DJ Khaled was here the other day and just notice the kind of artiste he chose to work with. This shows that even after decades in the industry, these artistes and their work are still well sought after," said Tucker. "It says a lot about the 'old' content and the love that people have for that kind of music. I mean to have a single that is over 30 years old and still generating interest, that is very cool."

Tucker, who was at the helm of the partnership with film-makers of The Harder They Fall, said the artistry behind the work from artistes of yesterday's generation is undeniable. "Sometimes you get lost in the whole business of music that people don't go for quality, but men like Barrington Levy had no autotune or anything like that so there was a standard required of him as an artiste that he met and consistently continues to meet," he said. "We went back in and did the vocals again and it's quite remarkable how it matched the original track. Barrington Levy is a master of his craft. It's amazing that 30 years later, he still sounds the same. When I saw the scene for the first time, I was really impressed and just overwhelmed."

Levy told THE STAR that part of the reason the music he and his colleagues created from the '80s and '90s still resonates is because it was created from a pure place out of sheer passion.

"When I came into the music business I came into it for the love of it, not thinking about financial gains or anything like that. I came into it for the passion of this thing. I went into the studio and voice that song ( Here I Come) from the heart with love and love has paid off," he said.

The Harder They Fall was directed by British film-maker Jeymes Samuel and produced by Jay-Z and James Lassiter, co-founder of Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment. It is set to air on Netflix and in select theatres worldwide this fall.

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