Seanizzle rediscovers passion for producing

June 25, 2021

Dancehall producer/artiste extraordinaire Seanizzle says for the past year he has been focused on perfecting his craft.

He says lately he has reignited his passion for creating music, as he wants to help young deejays unlock their potential. With that goal in mind, the producer created the Born 4 Dis rhythm and recently hosted a deejay competition on social media in a quest to find new artistes to voice.

“About two months ago, I did a riddim competition via Instagram. I posted a riddim and I told all the young artistes to deejay dem best song on it. I didn’t just want the competition to be regular where I give a cash prize for the deejays with the best songs because when di money done, dem still nah go have no career,” he shared.

“I wanted to make a way where they had a means of getting their talent out there, so I said I would chose the top 10 and produce them and shoot a music video as well. The competition went viral and I got about 600 entries over the eight-week period.”


Seanizzle, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, says the competition opened his eyes once more to the amount of untapped talent that exists in the entertainment industry.

“I just wish that other producers could let us all come together and allow a lot of other artistes to get opportunities instead of working with the same set of artistes every day. There are so many artistes out there waiting on a chance and it is up to us to give them that chance. We can do this if all of us come together,” he said.

Born 4 Dis will feature up-and-coming artistes Kapri, Answele, Tatik, Xoshaniel, Chemistry Boss, Byron Messia, Tall Up, Kyash D, Jodian Natty, and Shaan Tzy. It is scheduled to be released next week, accompanied by a medley music video. Having rediscovered his passion for producing, Seanizzle says he is already working on another rhythm, dubbed ‘Oceans 13’.

He says it will feature more established artistes, including Beenie Man, Teejay, Intence, Kranium, and I-Octane. He says with the entertainment industry being given the green light to resume operations, the projects could not have come at a more ideal time.

“These riddims were supposed to be released months ago but no matter how me push, it was just not working in that timeline, and so I just left it and mi realise say everything start to fall into place. This is the perfect time for these projects because we can now get to push them the way we want to in the streets. It’s not the same pushing the music online,” he said.

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