Kaiz urging young girls to ‘go easy’

June 25, 2021

Up-and-coming artiste Kaiz has a serious message for young women in her new single, Go Easy.

The track, which was released last week, tells the tale of the destruction that awaits young women who are determined to grow up before their time. Kaiz told THE WEEKEND STAR that having observed a world where morals are decreasing in popularity, she believes it is her responsibility, especially as a female artiste, to try and balance the scales.

"Even if is one person listen to this song and gets inspired I am happy with that because that means it's one less problem we have to deal with as a nation," said Kaiz.

On the track, Kaiz, given name Kacie Rhoden, paints a realistic picture of the future that awaits young women determined to engage in adult situations.

" Dem nah hear and dem don't care so Jah Jah guide dem when dem on the streets out there cuz di paedophile will take dem without fear. Dem think the love and the trust a go nowhere," she sings. The entertainer also used the track to urge grown men to be wary of young girls, highlighting the consequences they may face for getting involved with a minor.

" Dem little girl yah hot like 10 fire pon pile, dress inna short tights with a big hairstyle, you cyah know dem a child. Dem will left you inna prison cell fi boil," she sings on the track.

Produced by Bugle's An9ted Entertainment, YouTube listeners have dubbed it as a sure hit and have given Kaiz the title of 'rising star'.

A native of St Thomas, and graduate of Yallahs High School, Kaiz says the impetus for penning the hit-bound single came from observing the recent spate of abductions, rapes, and killings of young girls. Citing stalwarts such as Beres Hammond, Gregory Isaacs, Queen Ifrica, Tanya Stephens, Peter Tosh, Chronixx, Lila Ike, and Bugle as some of her musical mentors, Kaiz said she is looking forward to releasing more tracks with positive messages.

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