Summer Doll Artistes Edition: Amanyea

June 14, 2021

Soft and edgy. Trendy and classic. Strong and sultry. With pure talent and creativity running through her veins, Amanyea made an inspiring decision to transition from a professional dancer to a trending recording artiste. It's no wonder she is a real Top Girl. This 'Summer Doll' needs no more introduction: Let's explore the inner workings of the ginger and spice known as Amanyea.

What's hot for you this summer?

For me, it's anything. I'm somebody that wears anything I feel like. So I'm not very big on trends. But right now, I'm doing pastels and little, tiny heels; that's my thing. Me do di sneakers fi ah long time, so now I want to be prissy and sassy like a top girl. And especially because I cut my hair, I think the vibe needs to be more girly.

One thing people would be shocked to find out about me

I have a degree in engineering and public relations from the University of Miami. People also don't know that I really like ballroom dancing and secretly did competitions for samba in the Latin section.

Top five songs on my playlist?

Lost Jes by J. Cole

Ex-Factor by Lauren Hill

Best Friend by Saweetie, featuring Doja Cat,

Different Type by Masicka

And anything by Doja Cat!

For brawta, I love Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles.

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