Gospel duo La Twain remix ‘Lighter’

January 22, 2021

Shenseea and Tarrus Riley's infectious single Lighter started a viral challenge back in August 2020 when it was first released.

Many social media users tried to replicate the melody, leading to the track becoming a certified hit within a matter of weeks. But no one did a remix until last October when gospel duo La Twain released Prayer. They told THE WEEKEND STAR that the track speaks to the power of prayer and why it should be an important component of one's everyday life.

" Prayer is a song of encouragement leading persons to acknowledge the power of prayer as one should pray about everything and leave the rest to God. The chorus says " when situations get too heavy wi sending up the prayer, give God all the glory, we send up some praiiiii-aises". It shows that we all face difficulties at times but prayer can change things for the better," said Terry-Ann Young, one half of the duo.

"This song speaks directly to that person/persons who are going through hardships hoping it will lead them to the importance of prayer/praises and how it will help them to overcome."

Speaking of hard times, Lenford Young said the song could not be more timely as the world has been going through tremendous hardship over the past few months.

"This pandemic has changed everyone lives in some kinda way and because of that we need a solid rock to stand on which is the word/gospel of Jesus Christ. Music is very powerful and if you feed your soul with positivity you will reap positivity," he said. "2020 was a ruff year for us all and we need something to remind us of God's grace and love for us so that we will not be dismayed. With Christ in the vessel we will smile at any storm. Jesus bigger than COVID-19."


The duo reasoned that the song may not be welcomed with open arms by some as it is a remix of a 'secular song'. Still, they insist that the gospel must be preached.

"We chose to do the gospel version for this particular song because everyone was listening to and loving it, so we know they would want to hear the gospel version to it and anyway possible for the word of God to be heard we will make ourselves available to be used," Terry-Ann said. "We know the song ( Lighter) but not word for word, and from an artiste to another artiste, the song is well put together. Great job Tarrus and Shenseea. In everything one does there will be negatives and positives, we strive to embrace the positive and not be distracted by the negatives."

Lenford added that despite how some may feel about the track, he and his wife have so far only received positive feedback.

"We can't complain. We are expecting big things for this track. It will do what it is set out to do all in Gods timing," he said.

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