DJ Tom and Raevaz to create sound system

March 25, 2020
Raevaz (left) and DJ Tom
Raevaz (left) and DJ Tom

Selectors DJ Tom and Raevaz have joined forces to create a new sound system called T&R Entertainment.

The duo, who has played together for over eight years, said the partnership was a no-brainer and they are now looking forward to stamping their class on the sound system scene.

The fact that parties have come to a virtual halt due to the coronavirus outbreak has not daunted their spirits, as the duo says a bounceback is inevitable.

"This coronavirus won't last forever, and when things return to normal, best believe T&R Entertainment will be ready. We have been playing together since 2012, and we just finally decided to make the thing official in 2020, so nothing is going to stop us from making our mark," DJ Raevaz told THE STAR. "We recently licensed the name T&R Entertainment and from here on, that is how we want to handle our bookings."

The DJ went on to reveal that under the new brand, T&R Entertainment will launch a new mixtape series with monthly releases. He explained that in an effort to keep up with a highly competitive market, he and his partner will have to set themselves apart, and the mixtapes will do just that.

New outlook

"Music put food on nuff people table, so we have to start looking at it as a real job. The field is full of talented people, and that is why we have to carve out our own niche. These monthly mixtapes will help set us apart from the rest," he said. "We want to be different. We want the fans to tune in to us because we're offering something no one else is. Our aim had always been to stand out, and we remain focused on delivering high-energy entertainment."

Speaking of high-energy sets, the duo has been booked for this year's Reggae Sumfest and is looking forward to displaying their skills on reggae's biggest platform in Jamaica.

Having landed that gig, DJ Raevaz highlighted the importance of maintaining structure in one's career.

"I would advise any youth to go this route, and add some structure to your thing. That way, it's easier to extend your reach to [the] corporate [world], as well as create a unique identity," he said.

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