No permit for 6ix concert - Police concerned about violence around Sabina Park

March 29, 2019
Sabina Park
Sabina Park
The majestic new northern stand at Sabina Park.
The majestic new northern stand at Sabina Park.

Following rumours that the highly anticipated 6ix concert has been postponed, the police have come forward to confirm that no permit was granted for the event.

The law enforcers have, however, pointed out that denial of the permit had nothing to do with the promoters of the event or the artistes associated with the concert.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, Superintendent Robert Gordon explained that the 6ix concert was not the only event scheduled for Sabina Park, Kingston, this weekend.

He explained that the other event that was set for Saturday was not granted a permit because the police would be unable to adequately police the area during these events, as the areas in and around Sabina Park have been experiencing an upsurge in violence.

"Based on the numbers that they (promoters) have indicated they would have attending those parties, we could not sufficiently provide the type of security required for both the event itself and the environs," he said.

"We have been having an upsurge in violence within the environs in which Sabina falls, and based on that, we are policing those areas. Out of caution, we have indicated that until normalcy returns to the general locals, we would not be permitting any event to be held at Sabina Park."

He continued: "Whenever the police grant a permit, the police is saying to the patrons and the promoter that we are capable of providing for your safety and security. If it is where we see that we're going to have a challenge, we would rather to be on the side of caution."

The anticipation surrounding the 6ix concert was building up nicely. The sudden announcement of the show's postponement had persons speculating whether the artiste at the helm of the promotion had anything to do with the permit not being granted. Squash, who is from Montego Bay, was the poster boy for the event.

It is no secret that the entertainer has had his fair share of run-ins with the law. The entertainer had only just been released from police custody when the promotional wheels for the concert began turning. He had been arrested under the state of emergency in Montego Bay in August 2018 and was released on January 30. The artiste is known for songs like Trending, Lavish, Oh La La, and No Complain.

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