Stylo G enjoys ‘historic’ performance with Nicki Minaj

March 15, 2019
Stylo G
Nicki Minaj

UK-based dancehall artiste Stylo G recently shared the stage with mega rap star Nicki Minaj, as she made her London appearance as part of her Nicki World Tour.

The two performed their hit song, Touchdown, a track which also features incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel.

Despite having a massive dancehall track, that encounter was the first time the pair was meeting face to face.

Stylo G described the moment with the ‘Queen of Rap’ as “historic”, as he recalled wanting her to be part of the track before even voicing it.

“When I’m making a song in the studio, I’m always thinking I want everyone in the world to hear it. So when I was making Touchdown, it was definitely in the back of my mind that I wanted someone like Nicki Minaj or Vybz Kartel to hear it,” he said.

He added that after noticing that Nicki Minaj started following him on social media last year, he felt his dream slowly becoming a reality.

“I know she was on my Instagram, and I knew she was watching. Then, she just reached out and said she liked the song and wanted to be on it. We sent it and it just worked,” he said.

Stylo G told THE WEEKEND STAR that after toiling tirelessly on his career, he is happy that his hard work is finally paying off.

“I wasn’t shocked when it (the song) got the attention it did because when you’re in the music business for so long, you can feel the growth, and you start believing that one day you’re gonna get the right ears to start listening,” he said.

“Performing with her the other day was actually my first time meeting her, so that was a crazy moment. It’s a dream coming true. I envision stuff like this, but I never knew it would happen and happen at this time.”

He said that it was a historical moment, not just for him, but also for Jamaica and dancehall.

“Having the best female rapper alive on a track, and then having her bring me out to perform, that’s a dream. I been getting so many messages from people in Jamaica and people all over the world saying congrats because they see me representing Jamaica and dancehall, and that’s very special to me. The more messages I get, the more I realise how big the moment was,” he said.

Stylo G also described being on stage with Nicki as an ‘out of body’ experience.

“When the beat drop, the place was going crazy. Everyone was singing the song. She gave me my time to shine, and so me haffi big up Nicki Minaj every time. Props to her for giving me this strength, and big up to Vybz Kartel also for making this song a hit,” he said.


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