Marcy Chin hits Billboard Magazine

August 30, 2018
Contributed Marcy Chin

Dancehall entertainer Marci Chin is all fired up over the fact that she has been mentioned in the celebrated 'Billboard Magazine' having collaborated with a Grammy-winning duo on a single called 'Different'.

Chin might be little known in Jamaica, but she enjoys a sizeable following in some parts of Europe and in Central and South America.

It is this kind of international exposure that put her in the sights of Swedish DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona. Their album, Art of Being a Girl, is expected to be released in September.

The duo released two versions of Different, one with Swedish rapper Parham.

"It was so good, and we really fell in love with it," Fiona FitzPatrick, one half of the duo, told Billboard. "We still saw the song with a female, but (Parham's version) started to mean a lot to us. Then we figured the song is called Different, so let's have two different versions."

Chin was glad they made that decision.

"It opens me up to their market and more opportunities," she told THE STAR. "They're two-time Grammy winners. Their last two albums earned them their Grammys. Big-league tingz. This looks good on my rEsumE."

The entertainer, who is not shy about trying new musical styles, as evidenced by her recent collaboration with electronic dance band French Horn Rebellion on Soy Bonita, said she is upbeat about her version of Different.

"It feels dope to hear myself fused with their sound," she said. "As for being mentioned in Billboard Magazine, that was incredibly special and gratifying."

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