Leftside, Mink Jo go All Out on new song

November 20, 2015
File Mink Jo

The first time was so nice they had to do it twice!

Fast-rising singer Mink Jo recently completed her second collaboration with international dancehall artiste and producer Leftside on a hot new track called All Out.

The single, released just over a week ago, was recorded in early October and produced by Leftside on his Keep Left Records. An accompanying video is set to be released in December. The duo had collaborated on a track called Cash Bottles that appeared on Mink Jo's debut EP Boy Girls Love that was released earlier this year.

All Out features a musical convergence of hip hop, rap and dancehall, creating a sound that is expected to have an international appeal. The beautiful young talent said when she heard of the project she jumped at the opportunity. "As soon as I heard that Leftside was willing to do a collaboration with me I knew I had to be there," she told THE Weekend STAR. "It's always a good time when we are fusing our creative energies while working together."

She believes the song can help her break out into international markets. "I am very excited about the potential of All Out and very ready to make a dent in this industry globally," she said.

Leftside said working with Mink Jo was something he wanted to do again. "She was ready to do the track right away, the same day I called her," he said of the project which they completed in one session last month. "She is the best right now as far as it goes for her unique sound as a young female dancehall/pop artiste. Overall, it was a great experience and a good look for dancehall music."

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