Where is the outrage for our children?

May 03, 2019
Trisha Morris, 11, went missing on Saturday and was found dead near her home in Woodland, Hanover, on Tuesday.
Shante Skyers, eight, was found dead five days after she was reported missing in Sterling Castle Height, St Andrew.

So where is the outrage? In a matter of weeks, two girls under the age of 12 who had been reported missing have turned up dead, and yet, it’s like saying gas prices have gone up. Nobody seems to care.

Have we become so desensitised to these things that the fact that little girls are being targeted and killed has as much significance as scraping crud from our eyes when we wake up each day?

It seems as if we have become so desensitised to violence by the violence in our society that we can hear these normally heartbreaking stories and not bat an eye or miss a step as we go about our daily lives.

We have become so obsessed with ourselves that what is happening to our neighbours is of little concern to us anymore.

You get up every day, and you people rant about where the dollar is going, even though its obvious why the dollar fluctuates in value. It’s simply demand and supply. If we keep importing and not exporting, of course the dollar is going to slide. One million stories selling the same things are not going to make it get any easier, either.

However, when it comes to the wanton murder of our children, you hardly hear a peep. What will it take? Is it that someone has to mass murder a busload of kids for us to get really angry and start looking out for ours and our neighbours’ kids?

Somebody needs to explain to me why we have become so uncaring about human life and so obsessed with material gain. The lives of people, especially our young people, matter. No matter what their backgrounds are, people’s lives have value to our society.

More importantly, what kind of society are we living in when we can’t protect our children from the seemingly growing numbers of predators walking our streets, emboldened by the fact that nobody seems to care that much if they stalk, molest and kill our 10 and 11-old girls while they make their way home from school and church?

Speaking of church, where are they in all of this?

They have been eerily silent on these issues. Why is that?

We need to wake up to many realities and begin to take the actions necessary to protect the vulnerable in our society.

Tell what you know, and keep an eye out for the children as they make their way to and from school or when they are out with their friends.

Evil only thrives when good men, and women, do nothing, and based on what is happening in Jamaica today, there are a lot of people sitting around doing squat.

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