Time to step up and take charge

January 04, 2019
Commissioner of Police Major Antony Anderson and Prime Minister Andrew Holness at a high level national security meeting held at Vale Royal on Tuesday, January 1,2019.

With only a few days gone in 2019, the murder statistics are right on track to pick up where they left off in 2018. So, how do we change the dynamic?

We are a nation of talkers. If we could talk our problems away, they would have to rename Jamaica 'Utopia'. However, we are in a situation now where we need to do more than just talk.

A businessman in Spanish Town, St Catherine, who was on the news this week said it best when he declared that everyone has to do his or her part in this fight against crime. It cannot be left to the security forces to stem the flow of blood. They do not know where the guns are. They do not know where the criminals are hiding out. they are not the ones harbouring the criminals at least we would hope not.

For years, we have been doing the same things, and nothing changes. A thousand murders a year is not normal, and it should never be normal in a country our size.

Aren't we tired or being afraid? Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, Nanny, and our other ancestors were not afraid when they took on forces that had far more resources than they had. When did we lose that fire, that will, to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

The only way we are going to be able to sleep with our doors and windows open is to root out the cancer that has ailed Jamaica for a lifetime.

This is a beautiful country. It has so much beauty, so many creative people, so much potential. it would be a pity if we did not live to see it realise all that it could be. However, for that to happen, we, the people, have to change.

We can no longer afford to sit cowering in the corner and hope the gunmen go away. They will not do so; we have to step up and take charge.

Jamaica has had a history of defining moments; the Morant Bay Rebellion and the Christmas Day rebellion are moments that helped shape this country's rich history of defiance. What will be this generation's defining moment?

Could it happen in 2019? I believe it can. Let us make it so.

Let us make this a happy new year for everyone.

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