Don't go crazy this Christmas

December 21, 2018

I am not a big fan of Christmas. Never have been really. It's nice, in that you get time off from work and, if you're lucky, you get to spend time with family and, occasionally, get some free drinks and food at the many parties thrown to celebrate whatever people celebrate at Christmas each year.

Beyond that, it is a time when many people lose their minds and spend what they don't have, and find themselves struggling to meet their financial obligations going into the new year.

I don't want to be a Grinch, but does it really make sense spending all this money at the end of the year, then complain about how broke you are each January?

On the other side of that, too many harbour high expectations of getting presents from loved ones, not seeming to care where those 'loved ones' can afford gifts.

It just feels all contrived to me.

Christmas is also a time when the insanity we see on the streets during the course of each year, is ramped up 100 per cent.

People seem to give themselves licence to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol day in, day out, so they can artificially lift their spirits.

Invariably, too many release those spirits back into the universe after being foolhardy on the streets.




And, for every person stuffing themselves at family gatherings and staff parties, there is someone sitting at home feeling extra lonely, depressed and neglected.

Christmas is a time when people get overwhelmed by a wave of conflicting emotions, and that makes it a sad time for me.

I mention all this just to say, be a little more aware this Christmas.

Let us strive to be a little more conservative in our actions. Eat and drink a bit less. No point in overdoing it and then, come January, complain that you have put on five pounds.

More important, drink a few fewer drinks and you could end up saving a few lives or maybe even your own.

I will concede that the time off for the holidays is a good thing, especially when your job is stressful or your boss is an ass, but those are not reasons for behaving like a complete idiot during the festive season.

It is nice to give and receive gifts, but if you cannot afford to give, accept it. Life goes on. The same for those expecting; if it doesn't happen, the disappointment will only last a moment.

There are other great ways to celebrate Christmas and be alive.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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