Of scandals and murdered women

December 07, 2018

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that was worth every penny?

It fits perfectly, it is comfortable, and you looks good in it. You wear it every chance you get until people can associate you with it.

However, over time, it becomes worn and faded. eventually tears and completely, loses its sheen. You still love it, but you are sad that it is not what it used to be.

Somehow, you fear the day when you might lose it forever.

That is how I feel about Jamaica, especially this week, when the worst of us have once again taken the spotlight.

The Petrojam scandal should be a source of national shame for all of us and the people elected to lead us because this is not a JLP or PNP thing.

This is something that both parties have allowed to get so out of control that it makes you wonder how this was not an issue a long time ago.

People are focusing on the US$1000 cake, which is again, another example of how we tend to focus on the trivial.

What concerns me terribly is what happened to the $J5 billion worth of oil that cannot be accounted for.

Who are the 'magicians' who made these 600,000 barrels of oil disappear? I have been to Petrojam and nothing gets in and out of that fortress just like that.

People need to be locked up for this because this is the height of corruption and treason. Believe me, there are people who became filthy rich out of this.

Further down on the food chain is the developing story of two women from the UK, returning residents, who ended up dead and buried in shallow graves.

Why do we feel it necessary to kill these people who worked hard all their lives just so they could come home and live out the rest of their days in some level of comfort?

Over the years, returning residents have been attacked and killed for a variety of reasons, none of them good ones.

Moreover, it seems to be escalating. I cannot even fathom why these heinous things continue to happen, but the root causes must be investigated and addressed.

These murders are hurting us more than people realise.

Jamaica used to be a great place, but, over time, it has become faded and jaded by the consistency of corruption and violence.

We are definitely in need of a reset. We need to wheel and come again.

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