Relationship blues

September 28, 2018

A day does not go by without you hearing someone complain about his or her relationship, a relationship, or relationships in general.

Accusations of infidelity are perhaps most common. There are often these random questions on social media about who cheats more, men or women?

Then you have some women who are always cursing men for using them and breaking their hearts.

To be honest, it is a bit tiresome.

I mean, I don't understand some men who use material things to get a woman's attention and then get upset when someone, who has more, offers her more for a roll in the hay and she accepts.

Similarly for the women who love bad boys, what are you thinking? That you will be the one to tame him? That he will be your bad boy and only yours?

That is delusional thinking. These are the very same people who deep down know the outcome well in advance, yet are still devastated when it happens.

It is kind of like lighting a stove, knowing that if you put your hand into the flame or on the burner, you are going to be burnt, but you do it anyway.

My wife argues that people always go back to the situations they know, even though they are well aware of how it is going to be.

My question is, aren't we supposed to be intelligent enough to understand that if we keep getting into relationships with toxic people, the outcome will invariably be one of disappointment?

Maybe my wife is right. Maybe some women will never stop falling for bad boys, and maybe some men will never stop falling for gold-diggers or fickle women. Maybe it is what they like.

Maybe it is like being diabetic and having a sweet tooth. You know the sugar is not good for you, but you have it anyway.

If that is the case, then stop complaining. Celebrate. "Hey, my girl just left me for another man with more money. Beers on me!" or "Guess what guys? Good news. I just found out my man is sleeping with four other women, one of them is my best friend! What a glorious day this has turned out to be."

That is the only thing that makes sense to me, because repeatedly shooting yourself in the foot and complaining about it, is really somewhat dumb.

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